5 min. walk from Nagano Station. Local cuisine and Nanara’s specialties are popular! Shinshu discussions are lively over a glass of local sake!

If you show us HoteGuru coupon or Mobile phone page, Specialty "Nozawana Steak" for one person.

  • Char-grilled raw lamb800yen
  • Nozawana Steak the most popular item400yen
  • Various Oden (Japanese hotch-potch)100yen
  • Thick and tender Pork steak700yen
  • Homemade smoked Mackerel400yen
  • Homemade smoked half-boiled quail egg500yen
  • Nagano local food 300yen
  • Shinshu local delicacy Assorted insects650yen
  • Chibi Tomato (lightly-pickled)400yen
  • Seared YAMITSUKI ARATAME550yen
  • *The prices are subject to change.

Address : 1423-28 Minami Ishido-cho, Nagano-shi Nagano-ken
Telephone : 026-219-6861
Business hours : Monday-Saturday, Holidays and the day before a holiday / 17:30-22:00 (Food L.O. 21:30 / Drink L.O. 21:30)
Regular holiday : Sundays (when AC Nagano Parciero home games are held and the following Monday) Open on days of festivals and events at Zengyo-ji Temple’s main street (Chuo-dori)

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