This is a hideout-like restaurant managed just by chef and female master. We offer local and seasonal dishes, such as Shinshu Soba, Duck dishes and local Japanese Sake. Since we have some counter seats, single customers are also highly welcomed.

  • Slightly-roasted Local duck /grilled Local duck 1,800yen~
  • Assortment of seasonal vegetables Tempura1,000yen~
  • Local mushrooms stewed in Japanese soup stock with grated radish700yen
  • Japanese rolled omelet1,000yen
  • Duck meat seasoned with wasabi 750yen~
  • Grilled giblets(Shinshu miso sauce)900yen
  • Japanese-style roast Shinshu Premium Beef 2,900yen
  • Soba850yen
  • Soba on basket steamer with duck soup1,550yen
  • Soba with Vegetable Tempura1,850yen
  • *The prices are subject to change.

Address : 1390-1, Kitaishidocho, Nagano-shi, Nagano-ken
Telephone : 026-219-2376
Business hours : Lunch 11:30~13:30(L.O. 13:00)
Dinner 17:30~22:00(L.O. 21:00)
Regular holiday : Sunday and Monday

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