Shunnoaji Sumibiyaki Irori


This is a tavern where you can eat fresh squid from Misawa Fishing port and the seasonal seafood dishes. We have various popular menu, such as charcoal-grilled fish and Yakitori with original miso sauce.
We are looking forward to your visit.

  • Fresh squid Sashimi1,200yen
    Limited in season
  • Live peony shrimp1,000yen
    Limited in season
  • Extra-large Hokke1,000yen
  • Grilled mackerel 780yen
  • Japanese rolled omelet, stuffed with spicy cod roe and cheese580yen
  • Deep-fried sliced burdock630yen
  • Grilled skewers of Pork (2 pieces)500yen
  • Mixed giblets grilled on ceramic plate780yen
  • Tempura of yam and shrimp680yen
  • Deep-fried whole garlic630yen
  • *The prices are subject to change.
Shunnoaji Sumibiyaki Irori

Address : 2-5-35, Chuocho, Misawa-shi, Aomori-ken
Telephone : 0176-57-2719
Business hours : 17:30~22:30
Regular holiday : Sunday

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