We buy the fresh seafood at the market every morning and we cook them various way to offer “Today`s special”.
“Today’s special” menu changes every day because of the season and the landing of seafood. Therefore, it is fresh and delicious.
We have seats with kotatsu built into the floor (up to 20 people) and a party room (up to 35 people).
You can use our restaurant in various scenes..

  • Tiger globefish sashimi(For one person)1,029yen
  • Three kinds of whale dishes(akami ,bacon,obaike)1,890yen
  • Grilled Momiji Pork on Lava1,050yen
  • Kansai style beef stew609yen
  • Aki Salad651yen
  • Tuna Caesar salad714yen
  • Fisherman`s tempura set819yen
  • Seafood handbill sushi819yen
  • Globefish fin sake630yen
  • *The prices are subject to change.

Address : 1-15-35-BF,Takezaki-cho,Shimonoseki-shi,Yamaguchi
Telephone : 083-228-6622
Business hours : 17:00~24:00(L.O23:30)
Regular holiday : No holiday.(except 12/31~1/1 )

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